Larger, digital prints=better?

December 21, 2005

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune on Dec 2, the ease with which art students move between digital and traditional photography means that more of them are scanning negatives and making larger prints, so that the 8×10 print is no longer the standard. 

“Your 24-by-30 inch [picture] or 30-by-40 inch [picture] is now what an 8-by-10 was when I was in school,” some important guy being interviewed said.

According to the article, this has “altered the entire price structure in art photography… since large prints in limited editions by midcareer artists seldom trained in photography now often sell for six figures to collectors who had not previously shown an interest in the work of professional lensmen.”

So, in short, the market prefers BIGGER prints. No mention of quality…



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